~ Announcing the world premiere of the first-ever documentary on the life of one of America’s most important artistic figures ~


 Connecticut-based film makers Michael Maglaras and Terri Templeton have premiered their new film, "Visible Silence: Marsden Hartley, Painter and Poet." This essay in film is their second film about Hartley ("Cleophas and His Own" premiered in June 2005).

 Using more than 43 paintings and drawings, and giving special emphasis to Hartley’s poetry and other little known writings, “Visible Silence” is a deeply personal view of Hartley and documents the life of this self-taught genius from his humble beginnings in Lewiston, Maine to his prominence on the world stage of art and ideas...as “Maine’s Painter.”

 This hour-long documentary film with music by Amy Beach, Igor Stravinsky, and Morton Feldman, had its premiere on September 25, 2008 at the Olin Arts Center at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. 217 Films made the premiere a free event and open to the public as a gift to the citizens of Lewiston, Maine...in honor of their most famous son.

Michael Maglaras, who narrates the film and is also its writer and director, was present, as were members of the film crew.

"Visible Silence" began its tour of the United States on November 7, 2008 and continues with its European premiere on April 2, 2009 in The Hague.