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View our screening schedule here.

American Faces: Portrait of a Nation

Film Announcement - 11/11/15 (download PDF)

Enough to Live On: The Arts of the WPA

Key West Blue Paper - 10/30/15 (download PDF)
MPBN Public Radio - 10/8/15 (Listen to the radio story)

The Forecaster - 10/7/15 (download PDF)
Artes Magazine - 8/19/15 (download PDF)
Hartford Courant - 5/12/15 (download PDF)
Connecticut Magazine - 5/09/15 (download PDF)
Associated Press Story - 2/15/15 (download PDF)
WXXI Public Radio - 2/6/15 (Listen to the radio story)

WXXI Public Radio - 2/6/15 (download PDF)
Film Announcement - 1/22/14 (download PDF)
The Forecaster - 06/10/14 (download PDF)

The Great Confusion: The 1913 Armory Show

Des Moines Register - March 8, 2015 (download PDF)
Artes Magazine - September 29, 2014 (download PDF)
Daily Press - September 2, 2014 (download PDF)
Virginian Pilot - September 1, 2014 (download PDF)
Eye Level: Smithsonian - July 15, 2014 (download PDF)
American Fine Art Magazine - July/August, 2014 (download PDF)
FoxCT TV - 4/18/14 (watch interview)
VMFA Blog - 1/1/14 (download PDF)
The Dartmouth - 1/13/14 (download PDF)
DVD Announcement - 1/11/14 (download PDF)
Valley News - 1/10/14 (download PDF)
MPBN Radio - 12/11/13 (Listen to the radio story)

(Listen to the full interview)

Portland Press Herald - 12/5/13 (download PDF)
World Premiere Announcement - 9/3/13 (download PDF)
Film Announcement - 11/13/12 (download PDF)
WPSU-TV PBS - 03/29/13 (view interview)

O Brother Man: The Art and Life of Lynd Ward

Voices Of Central PA - 05/01/12 (download PDF)
Lynd Ward Collection Digitized - 02/21/11 (download PDF)
Film Announcement - 02/10/11 (download PDF)

John Marin: Let the Paint be Paint!

Film Announcement - 02/08/10 (download PDF)
Maine Sunday Telegram (download PDF)
The Hartford Courant (download PDF)
American Artist (download PDF)

Visible Silence: Marsden Hartley, Painter and Poet

Film Announcement - 09/25/08 (download PDF)
Gloucester Daily Times (download PDF)
Foster's Daily Democrat (download PDF)
Maine Sunday Telegram (download PDF)

Cleophas and His Own: A North Atlantic Tragedy

Marsden Hartley Film Opens Emerge Film Festival - 3/28/15 (download PDF)
2015 Emerge Film Festival Announcement - 11/18/14 (download PDF)
Film Announcement - 07/02/05 (download PDF)
Art in America (download PDF)
Art New England (download PDF)
Sacramento Bee (download PDF)
Forecaster (download PDF)
The Hartford Courant (download PDF)


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